Wednesday 2/16/2011 12:21:00 AM

time. the dark anthem of thieves and lovers. it seeps between us. slick like oil. sticky as sugar. eyes like pavement. dense with moments. fragile with manipulation. tongues like syringes. inject their futile medicines.

her daggers are small. infant epiphanies in a galaxy of wisdom's. her blood is red. rife with oxygen. as all the scabs fall away like dead soldiers. a long war. short battles. no rules except. it's never over.

there is always time. to reason with the sun. convince it the darkness is not finished with us yet. we are so small. made smaller still by these big decisions.

flirting with flight from within the confines of our cages.

tiny giants threaten their mountains. so small to us. massive to them. a lifetime of dominoes. come tumbling down.

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