Friday 2/25/2011 12:25:00 AM

the choice. sharp wire. caressing the softest locations. her fingers. folds in the momentum that drives. butterflies to earthquakes.

the random. a curdle of necessity in the broken jug. sex like pennies. thrown to the wish. decisions roaring. from inside their cages. frightening, but impotent.

the voices. stages of when. there were still truths to multiply. heavy baskets. holding nothing. cracking handles. and fraying rattan. drawing her face in the corners.

the walls like paste. everything attached. her bags empty. yet still weighted. the caution of trust. the conditions of touch. colliding. a weak apocalypse. dependent upon dirty handkerchiefs.

the snore of the monster. as her nightmare wakes her up. the intrusion of doubt as the map is washed away. drops of ink form the rain. as she lets the storm rage.

everything sleeps. even skeletons. everything is close. it's the desire that drifts. row boats in the ocean. trembling oars paddling. for islands out of reach.

the witch flaunting her spells. the snake. with skins to shed. rubbing against empty walls. she finds the future in doses of poison and tricks of skin. she finds it there, but she never takes it with her.

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