Saturday 2/26/2011 01:19:00 AM

choices choose us. long toenails catch on fraying threads. words like chains grow from her limbs. choices. pale tornadoes hiding between the wings of the butterfly. out there. auspicious worlds. full of sound and fury. silent.

the insects still tell their stories. rambling as they may be. no glass between. these purulent evolutions. the infection is close. one choice. threatens all the rest. her coin purse deflated.

the satire befriends. the irony is justice. out there. small nooses. thick rope. she sees. moments like glass. broach the barrier. greet the raindrops with a shaking fist. that trembles to grab dead skin.

the monopoly time has convinces her to confess.

that the windows still pretend. there is something beyond them.

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