Wednesday 2/23/2011 01:12:00 AM

the leopard the lizard continue their debate. color or conditions. mostly the price of. the desert tells its stores. in bouts of plaigarism. everything is stolen from something. it's a case of evidence.

the leprechaun leans against his pot. his treasure small as small as he is.

scribbling the number. on odd pieces of skin. empty needles. toilets high on the thing we wish we didn't need.

the soft parade. the juncture like citrus in the sore. choices. as frail as the people that made them. the poison simple enough to replicate. even long after it's gone.

the choice hanging on. scarping like a stray. at forgotten doors.

Time. In limps and crawls. manages to catch up.

Though I no longer keep count.

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