Monday 4/19/2010 12:25:00 AM

I don't usually do this. Depart from my poem producing persona and speak as if I am a real live human being. But I am in need of internet assistance.

I recently watched the movie Food, Inc. Damn you Netflix for not having a warning on this movie. I wish I could unwatch this movie, but sadly I cannot. So after learning of the torture of food animals I've determined I cannot be a party to that. I must forgo all meat and animal food products including eggs, milk, cheese, etc.

No easy task at all. Milk and eggs are in every god damn food imaginable. Chicken stock is in all the vegetable soups. It's fucked up.

So I'm making the transition gradually. I'm reading about nutritional yeast and ground flax seed and all that vegan mumbo jumbo. It all sounds fine to me. I'm just looking for some more pointers from real life vegans or vegetarians.

Just use the email addy in my sidebar. Tell me what you know about the lifestyle. I'm pretty clueless.

Technically I plan to become neither. I'm more of the ethical omnivore sort. I will eat dead animals that have lived normal happy lives and been killed humanely, but damn that stuffs expensive. Except tuna. Thank god for albacore tuna.

I'm just wondering if anyone out there has any helpful tips about what to eat and how to find and prepare it. The supermarkets here are far from meatless friendly. True I could buy my food on the Internet. But I'm just basically looking for advice from the more experienced non-animal consumers.

My email is the sidebar. Drop me an message. Anything you know about the subject. I'd appreciate it.

If you haven't seen the documentary Food Inc I strongly caution against it. It will render you unable to consume any animal product ever again even though you wish you still could.

If you are afraid to watch the movie for fear you will never be able to eat a hamburger again google factory farming for an only slightly less vomit-inducing understanding of the problem.

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