Saturday 4/17/2010 11:54:00 PM

It kept me awake for awhile. Flakes of skin. Resonating from the bones. The bulk of the theorum. Loss.

Needing. What is not needed. Confessing. Lies yet to be told. Weak bridges spaning deep gorges. As I look down. Assuming these wings are useless. And this gravity determined. To teach me the lessons I never learn.

Straw men. Reasoning with the heat. Like fetid milk flwoing from the cow's teats. The world slowing down. To catch a glimpse. Of the apologectic omnivore.

The window sweating. It's never cold enough. The glass deciding. How strong I am. Leveraging patios and porches. For smaller chunks of paradise.

A little bit is all I seek.

The world has nothing I want. It's all obscured by the flesh.

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