Monday 4/19/2010 01:08:00 AM

I waited on her. Bricks and all. In a glorious panic. As if something might change.

The rattlesnake threatening. Afraid or too disinterested to poison. A series of vague torments. To show how naked I am.

I caught her just as she was leaving. Off to abuse more adjectives. Phantoms trying on weddings dresses. The devil catching the bouquet.

She wept. That I didn't understand. The numbers. The sort. As the database extorted. Fresh meat. It's business she said and you are a deficit.

I waited she explained. For the walls to come down. And when they did I was alone. No one was there.

I cried over my time machines. I wept inside them. And when I got out. The world had barely changes. A thousand years. A million. I can't wait.

She takes off her dress. Pretending to know what they want. Fighting with green lights. Over the streets she tries to cross.

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