Sunday 7/19/2009 01:00:00 AM

This metal skeleton bends easily. Breaks just as well. Moments explore the concept. Of the fairy tale. Words without constraint. Machines more ambition than progress. I thought lost. The wading pools scrape at the windows. Dense with touch. I can't see the engine, but I can hear it. The friction in vain iterations. A monster with no teeth. Chewing on the reamins. Of abducted children.

Come away with me she pleaded. I'm not there, but I'm finding it.

The ghosts. Obvious arithmetic. counting closer to the end. The taste. Of them. An empty fist. Punching out the peforations. That were always there. The future in vague prepheries. NOt to be trusted. I heard him say. How lonely it was. In the future. In the past.

She stuck the stick into the wheel. And waited for the world to stop. And when it did she wondered. As any child would. How she could make it want. What it had never had.

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