Monday 7/20/2009 01:13:00 AM

I gave him towels. Still, the rain was too much. We waited as the flame expired. So many possible lies wasted. We listened. To the shiver of the brakes. As the clutch engaged the engine. We chose. The sparks carefully. As our batteries met their contacts.

Just energy he said. To be channelled. Minute gods dancing on my fingertips. Nothing so impressive. They die too. We just can't see it.

And when I'm blind I always long to hear. Anything. When I can't see. The light only makes it harder. Her overalls. In thick squints. Finally coming into focus. As the darkness absolves. What is left of this sickness. Called sight.

I laid my pillow close to the wall. And listened. For the walls to crack. Too distracted by the villains. To close my eyes.

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