Saturday 11/26/2005 10:05:00 PM

Crutches. Lots of people have them. Alcoholics obviously. But there are lots of crutches people never even notice are. Like god for instance. Love for another. All three goad the broken to lean upon them. Taunt with promises of faster healing and less pain in the process. But none of these things actually help us recover. Instead it's they that we end up needing to recover from. None of these things teach us how to stand on our own. All they do is make us more and more dependent upon them to hold ourselves up.

They offer false salvation and false hope based on myth or else through the ply of desperation.

Moderately mentally healthy people require none of the three to be content. And anyone who requires one or more is an addict.

Each offers its own brand of pseudo-euphoria. Each begs a devotion which if left unchecked ultimately becomes an addiction.

They all make life easier to swallow. But maybe life isn't something we should be swallowing. Maybe what we should be doing is spitting it out.

They all collect victims by promising things they'll never deliver. And keep them using fear tactics.

Even though I know they're all bad, it's hard not to point out that alcohol lies the least of them and relatively speaking does the least damage.

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