Saturday 11/26/2005 11:57:00 PM

It's just life. Anyone can make it. Or destroy it. It's ours to manipulate. It doesn't belong to some god that never shows itself. It belongs to us. Every molecule. Every dreary moment. Is ours. To live with. Or die trying.

Every day people reproduce. People who probably shouldn't. It's no miracle. It's just a lack of birth control and distorted principles.

Being born isn't enough. Life isn't an excuse to live.

There has to be a better reason.

Or if there isn't. Then I was right all along.

It's just life. Anyone can make it. No gods required. Just sex and ignorance.

And then you're born and they all want you to live.

They created your life, but they still can't give you a reason to keep it.

Because they're not gods. Just people. Same as anyone is.

People are the ones who create life. And people are the ones who destroy it.

I'd sawe myself if I could.

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