Wednesday 3/04/2020 11:54:00 PM

the colors came and went. parables in blood and semen. we woke from our demons in a panic of flesh. everything too small to grab.

time accused. vanity defended. but the jury was distance. as the miles reveled in chasing us.

we're smaller than we know. all dying fires and broken stones. running from storms that keep getting closer.

the ratio changes. velocity and incline. burnt matchsticks at the end of the rainbow.

the hungry wind. the stumbling cold. it swallows us. puzzles pieces that don't fit.

tomorrow has its lies to tell.  but the truth isn't swayed.

the end is soft enough. but hard is all i know.

how close we were to heaven, we'll always wonder.

Sunshine said...

I've noticed you poems have gotten a lot less dark over The course of this blog. The beginning of your blog is very different too than what it has progressed to be. When you say we are smaller than we think we are, are you referring to all of us or you and someone else? There are a lot of haunting memories it seems in your words. It is Not how I would have ever thought of the world or any situation. Your poems opened me up to a darker side of humanity. But because of reasons I cannot say I really do understand a lot of it in my own way I suppose. How could you make it through all that? Such pain you must have endured.

softermaniac said...

honestly, i removed myself from the things that caused me pain. i began running. it was a huge lift. vitamin d. it made a difference. in some ways, i almost miss the weak, sad girl. but not really. i still feel plenty and remember enough. the poetry is still mine to manipulate.

thank you for reading and your comments.

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