Thursday 3/12/2020 11:55:00 PM

softly we went into the eclipse. unsure. as the darkness spread. that the light would ever reach us again.

the picture trembled. slender threads between this moment and the last. tumbled into knots. we would not attempt to undo them. we had found ourselves deep inside their tangled strands.

the sun would shine, but i would fear it. the miles would beckon and i couldn't keep up.

i'd sold myself so many times. i'd never considered the price. i pressed the villains for motive, but none were offered.

we wept. as the years took us closer. we hissed as our past exploded.

we spent the blank pages as the epiphanies eroded.

drowning in the shifting colors.

fiddling with words. raw palms clutching  forgotten stones.

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