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Distance Over Time
Wednesday 7/10/2024 11:19:00 PM

 permanent chasms form under the bridges between our touch. savage is the telemetry that reconciles  yesterday and tomorrow. 

flesh accumulates. all bricks and blood. an ugly feast for time's vicious equations. 

we say we know. because we think that we do. 

ashes on the lips of the wind. desperate to be words. callous are the calculations that measure our choices. 

gods come and go. the truth remains. 

we knock on the doors. no one answers. we call their names. they don't respond. 

the world yawns. uninterested in our shame. 

we tug on life's zippers. stunned to reveal the hidden skeletons. 

the void bites its tongue. our voices  abandon us. 

we cut into the lie and watch it suffer. 

we say we know. but we're not even close.  


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