Wednesday 5/01/2024 11:22:00 PM

 i wouldn't dare to guess what you wanted.

but i saw the colors of your ache

and knew what you needed.

we were small in every possible way.

strangers in borrowed skins. 

mercenaries choking on empty ammunition. 

i wanted to fall and you were the nearest edge. 

i wouldn't ever try to know what that meant.   

but i tasted your grief. and it was exquisite. 

we were smaller than we'd ever been. 

scratches on time's pendulum. 

scorned by its perpetual sway. 

we lived within the confines of our choices. 

you were a puzzle i couldn't solve. 

i was a problem you couldn't fix. 

we were so small. 

and yet. 

nothing's ever felt bigger. 

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