Sunday 5/05/2024 12:00:00 AM

 time's ambition wears our torn sleeves. no names left to give. to the cowards and the antonyms.  

all our sinking parapets tremble under tomorrow's astringent gaze. 

crippled tongues choke on stray words. 

our skin's missing buttons leave us exposed. 

to the curious math of gods and poets. 

the ugly treaty between truth and touch. spends its adjectives on empty boxes. 

we don't dare look inside and see what we know is lost. 

slender needles deliver our poisons. 

the chase is long since over. 

only the end still listens.

we chew on the edge.  

our choices more zippers than teeth. 

orphaned exclamations. 

bargaining with gravity

for one more mistake. 

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