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Distance Over Time
Monday 4/11/2022 11:48:00 PM

the needle punctured. but the thread did not repair.

our epiphanies discarded in gnarled goodbyes. our intimacy spent in dirty confessions. 

the ache of time. the corruption of skin. the temperamental convictions of proximity and circumstance. 

we're liars. because we have to be. in a world where truth is weakness. 

we're colors in a kingdom of the blind. 

this is the fragile precipice upon which everything is balanced. 

the torn maps. the broken math. the foul touch of evolution still manic in our genetics.

the end. its little whispers making us deaf. 

the slope of how. slick with surrender. we embrace the friction. the tiny sparks that set everything on fire. 

we follow the forest. deep into its depths.

engaging the darkness. 

we drop our breadcrumbs.

still convinced we can go back again. 

we cut the witches. we burn the monsters.

we try to save the sweet, but the candy melts in our fists. 

it's the small detours that leave us so lost. 


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