Wednesday 4/06/2022 11:54:00 PM

Distance Over Time
 Part Six

I let time know me. Convinced it could understand. Our irrevocable weakness. Our boundless arrogance.

Wagering the when against the how. A crippled monster gnawing on its cast.

I suffocated in the coffin the future had built around us.

There were no medicines. There was no way to cure. The foul that drove us.

We were stranded in time's putrid machines long before I built mine. Withering in our conceits. Starving at our empty feasts. No cats to poison. No unknowns loud enough to make us listen.

Spinning fables of forever even as the end screamed in our faces.

Our truth melting like candy. Sweet and fickle and sharp. Our hunger raged on. Burrowing deep. Slowly going sour. The fairy tale swallowed us. The science spit us out. My machine stopped. We were trapped between the freedom of truth and the stranglehold of faith. Time collapsed. Yet our choices stayed the same.

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