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Distance Over Time
Monday 1/10/2022 11:22:00 PM

 we simmer in the auction of our skin. stubborn knots in time's infinite leash. 

the blade of want swings. a thoughtless pendulum. cutting open everything in its arc. 

we're only paper dolls. left out in the rain.

we're only thieves with nothing left to steal. 

the fever comes and goes. as we linger in our diseases. 

the days confront us. in missing fractions. in swelling calamities. 

all the broken pistons that still drive  us. all the deflated carnivals that still wait for us to dance. 

our promises all peeled fruit turning brown. our bodies all rotted meat left uneaten. 

we carry our ladders to the holes in the ceiling. looking for what remains of our grief. 

we say it's over.

sometimes  we even believe it. 


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