Thursday 9/17/2020 11:18:00 PM

sour candy soldiers wage their impossible wars. all the ribbons discarded. all the boxes crushed. as the gifts fester.under soiled blankets and cracked straws. 

we wait for the world to end. two strangers intimate only by  pills and toothpicks. 

the future whispers. more chemical than measure.

the colors gather. in angles much too sharp. the ladders lean. the bulbs grow dim. we scratch at the map. but all the roads are gone. 

flesh stutters. as it struggles with the math. the awkward division that reconciles trust and want.

we'll never be who we were. if we ever were. we're changed. ghosts in our own skin. everything from now on is all broken glass and dirty linens. . 

skin is an inventory of regret..shallow and quivering against the colors that betray. 

we strike at the bottom. struggling for buoyancy as our own weight drags us down. drowning in dead leaves as the summer inevitably forgets us.

we wear the corners like sparkling gowns. we continue to dance. though the music has stopped. 

deaf to the apocalypse that has swallowed us whole. 

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