Friday 9/04/2020 11:00:00 PM

 time shivers. bare against the melancholy of flesh. age is purple. a deep bruise at the center of our desire. we live on the precipice of want. chafing against need's handcuffs. 

we crash. waves against credulity's edge. all wonder and panic. as we gather the pieces. we build. architects of nothing..drowning in decaying thrones. 

choice erupts. the ladder buckles. the ceiling collapses..

we fall. kites poisoned  by the wind. high on gravity's venom. we die in every breath. 

chasing the void. as it chases us. 

torn by touch's fickle pendulum. crushed by hope's falling stones. 

we search for our footprints. but the wind has already erased us. 

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