Monday 3/23/2020 11:18:00 PM

missing colors. lipstick bleeding from time's kiss. stolen moments. touches staining thirsty flesh. we are all empty locks. the keys vanished.

the small things swallow us. the small things are us. shouting at the deepening abyss.

change releases its boulders. without mercy. we all get crushed.

we wasted millennia believing in things that didn't exist. pretending something larger would protect us. we sold our lives to god and religion. and now reality has come to collect on that debt.

the nothing still whispers. a dying clock in a room without an exit. the roads we travel. they go nowhere. the messages we send. they malinger unread. all rotting fruit in a winter that refuses to end.

our words are all that's left. as our blood and bones betray us. we were strong. until we weren't. we stabbed at the world. with our blunt crayons. insisting we mattered. long after we didn't.

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