Saturday 3/28/2020 12:07:00 AM

we dream so loudly that it deafens us. the end comes without contrition. fractured marbles and spent chewing gum.

we live as if life is a possession. something that belongs to us. we spoil in the delusion that what we want is relevant.

when the world ends we'll be standing with the burnt bulbs still in our hands. unable to comprehend why there is no longer light.

when the world ends we'll say it was circumstance. never acknowledging it was our own invention.

the push of the wind is callous as the hills confront. the color of the world is diminished. as we linger in the fantasy that we can still win.

empty the streets. stop the clock. the poison still persists.

we're smaller than we've ever been. everyday smaller yet.

even the wounds that heal. they remember.

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