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Distance Over Time
Sunday 10/06/2019 11:53:00 PM

we were arguing with gravity. bickering about velocity. how the want moves through us differently than it does on the skin. how we feel the rain inside our bones long before it touches us.

we were falling in love. selling empty boxes that were too heavy to lift.

it's the maps that betrayed us. places to visit. nowhere to stay.

all the miles that we trusted breaking down inside us. the needle empty. the vein collapsed. 

we were whispering to the horizon. bargaining with perspective. for any way to make it not feel so small.

it's the distance that romances. tickling all those soft spots. as it slowly unravels us.

we were flirting with the storm. catching the poison on our tongues like snowflakes. ignoring the blizzard.

it's the chemistry that solves when the numbers don't add up. all the peaks and valleys a currency of sorts.

we spend each other in ribbons and razors. because that is the wholesale on intimacy. we're richer with every cut.


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