Wednesday 10/16/2019 11:55:00 PM

when time took over we were dumbfounded. all those sober gods frowning upon us. our choices all knotted up. our skin all broken zippers. our breadcrumb trails completely devoured.

disoriented. that's what we were. running with the empty needles still embedded in our arms. negotiating with the poison for one more minute.

it's soft. the way time manipulates. a gentle molestation. that slowly liquefies our innards. it's the people. the places. the hours and the minutes. a ladder riddled with splinters that we're forced to climb.

we stumbled over the electricity in our touch. naive as the abyss yawned to swallow us.

the sharp angles cutting through our denial. the blunt corners jabbing at the scars. we're constantly collecting pieces. but so few of them fit the puzzle we're trying to solve.

it's a crooked bow tie. on the neck of oblivion. we're ready to dance just as the music stops.

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