Friday 11/25/2016 12:03:00 AM

the cold arrives right on schedule.

the color fades. the paper rips. too far away is close enough.

the years stutter. loose leaves against the wind.

i remember everything. each trickle of blood. every bead of sweat.

i've always been alone. no one can change that.

i've named every shadow. befriending the darkness. manipulating the sun. because the world is mostly edges. and the center usually forgets.

sometimes in pencil. others in ink. fastening my temporary splints to permanent breaks.

i chased the distance even as it chased me. in adamant collisions. in the hollow needles. still rattling in my veins.

gravity's contrition not withstanding. the last leaf still clinging to the highest branch. of my empty tree.

as circumstance coalesced. as the winter easily imposed itself. on vacant moments.

i stopped running.

and the cold set in.

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