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Alcoholic Poet. Poetry Equals Distance Over Time.

Distance Over Time
Saturday 11/26/2016 12:19:00 AM

deep lines carve the moment. hollow flesh searching for bones.

our words are a curtain. every touch a grave.

it's grey she said. the world is colorless. a scrape of outlines that twist and turn. wearing every breath like a broken blade.

 i'm not there. i never was.

 the empty cautions. the unraveling skins. of obstinate sheep and clever wolves.

 i lived briefly. now i'm dead again.

 it simmers. soft like ripe fruit. easily bruised. it calls my name. pretending to know who i am.

 it's an unfortunate time machine. that's always counting. it's an easy bandage to remove. pretending we've healed.

 time is a vast ocean. and all my choices are stones.

i'd rather drown holding on than survive letting go.


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