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Distance Over Time
Monday 7/18/2016 10:53:00 PM

elements erupt in a fierce conundrum. the texture of skin. the friction of want. the dangerous arithmetic of their seduction. we don't pretend that it's over. it was so long ago dead. we embrace the corpse. humbled by the depth of the graves we've dug.

 the simple measures of tomorrow and then. swift vessels on a meandering ocean. we easily negotiate the distance, yet are overcome by the isolation.

hinges and locks. doorways of the oldest ilk. the scrape of flesh. the stiff of absense. all predators in their own rights.

lost is easy enough. twisting roads in the panic of the sun. chasing fragments of places. the edge of when as narrow as ever.

speculating on surrender. absolute angles on the fever of consent. the sober economy of manipulation. flower petals swimming in venom. lovers as narrow as the bridges that connect us.


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