Monday 7/25/2016 02:46:00 AM

anger's tallow blisters and spoils in the heat. the skin of villains and victims is the same. the garden is breached. the apple is bitten. the poison is released. it transforms us. we possess the end of the world in every breath.

the fire swells and ebbs. any escape from the cold is temptation. we may burn. we may be scorched. there is comfort in familiar pain.

distance has its frequent purchase on this flesh. we wander. we travel. in the troubling sober. finding our maps in eager scars and reluctant saviors.  the journey overtakes. and we become an element of the path. worn of random places. tattered crowns without a sovereign. often struck matches without a flame.

the lost whispers softly. ripe with potential. rancid with regret. the road greets her as a child. depeartss her a woman.

the narrower corners gather their secrets. the softer monsters discard their long gowns. it was always formal. we were always dancing. even when there was no music.

but now it's quiet again..

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