Wednesday 3/16/2016 02:44:00 AM

some words spent her. voices in the well. a panic of pleasure.quietly brewing in feverish skin. the murmuring curtains. the eager conceits. of broken lovers and dysfunctional heroes.

an hysteria of when. bleeding markers and blunt crayons count the pages. choking clocks and grinning echoes. wear her madness. in knotted ropes and heavy buckets. dense with rain.

the patient hammer. the methodical nail. as the corner breathes to speak.

simple soldiers in complicated wars. the angle moves to reach her. and the depth is lost.

the kingdom is manifest. the margins are cut. eager cannibals in a contest of scars.

he lied. he said i was all. the subtle larceny of love. all dynamite and cupcakes in the relentless thunder of time.

we played. tossing our demons and our angels. the simple games of absent lovers. the spoils of distance not withstanding.

the physics of how. in thin needles and viscous poisons.

the wolf comes and goes. a harvest of skin. a frenzy of when.

the bridges try to break us. hope in simple villains.

we pretend we can change. but the distance is our undoing.

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