Tuesday 3/22/2016 11:47:00 PM

yellow knew her. she it. a long passage in a broken chapter. screaming in the deaf corner of her mind. the inches surrender. the miles continue their war.

the hours stomped their feet. the rain forgot to fall. the skeleton wore its fancy dresses while the flesh took off its soiled pants.

the moment chews. bites down hard. on scavenged bones. and deflated skin. it's just the ugly arithmetic of lovers and poets. the unfortunate angles that tend to spoil our paths.

the obvious pictures. a relentless gravity. the long distance between intersections melting like wax. and falling again. an apothecary of victims. and the diseases that define us.

the softer stars. that poison the darkness. failing to know. how to measure the void.

the bluntness of the beginning. the acuity of the end. obvious intersections. impossible parallels.

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