Sunday 9/13/2015 12:09:00 AM

The end in reason. Blushing fruit in the throat of the war. Empty bodies engulfed in the void. We are animals. Tame, but the mind continues to evolve. Jagged outskirts receive her. In the calm of the storm.

seldom hunters spend their bullets of corpses.

The stubborn reflex of want. Spending bridges like currency. Accumulating distance like wealth. Such is the nature of our condition. The future arrives on flightless feathers. The past delivers on cippled wings.

no context, the words preceed her. the hours consent to her panic. in scrapes and jabs.  no direction. only the footprints of  monsters and thieves.

The end becomes her. A cruel metamorphosis. Of broken ladders and empty fists.

The hours turn. Gears in a curious surrender. Time takes us. Pebbles that briefly scrape the surface. and quickly sink.

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