Wednesday 9/09/2015 11:24:00 PM

the future like onion skin. traces of what's below. obvious thieves carry their fractions. the nervous math of liars and victims. the simple verdict. the edge of the world. temporary soldiers in a permanent war.

the wind is heavy. bent. iron and clay in a crippled dance. ambivalent monsters adjust their decaying masks.

her journey is mute. voiceless. rouge on dead faces. ugly girls in pretty dresses. the impossible paradise these bones consent.

the world slips away. a colorless chaos. places like pathogens. to recover from.

yesterday like broken glass. all shallow cuts and dirty bandages. adjacent to sober. perpendicular to when.

the wind was heavy. the road was weightless. she  named the storm. she spent the sun. like pennies. like riches. they were the same she discovered.

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