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Distance Over Time
Tuesday 9/22/2015 11:32:00 PM

fervent patrons of the void kneel and scrape their heavy limbs. the edge traces her. in ink. the fundamental enemy we all covet.

the road undressed itself. a vanity of defeat. all frenzy and venom in the hysteria of surrender.

i knew how far. or i thought i did. the distance has its wolves and its piglets. bits of predator and plenty of victim. meat and teeth and hunger in an atlas of wounds.

there were angles. heavy with gravity. i was falling. i just didn't know it yet.

the velocity of how. all spiderwebs and empty bridges. the weight of if. in its spoiled famine.

we stumbled. temporary thieves shuffling their poisons. we ran. permanent strangers shouting at the wind.


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