Friday 9/18/2015 11:33:00 PM

the end came suddenly. sober colors in the drunk of distance. we forgot. like ghosts will do. the privilege of lost. the ambition of silence.

we took the road. we let it take us. as travellers tend to do. charmed by circumstance. seduced by surrender.

the narrow paths reveal her. in stumbles of voice and shivers of touch. she's a piece. lost from its puzzle. she's a knot slowly coming undone.

the truth all doorways. the future in staircases. she named the shadows. that were almost tame. restless equations  with bones in their creases.

the numbers confessed. impatient soldiers in a tepid revolution. she embraced the walls. tomorrow's impotent poison testing her fading politics.

the road went deaf. she kept listening

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