Wednesday 1/21/2015 12:34:00 AM

severed strands manifest. circumstance as obstuse as the angle are.

the particles. the essense of when. time's hurtful chorus. repeating.

the cold is a beautiful entity. more human than any of us. a hungry child. a stern parent. a scab on the knee. a kiss on the lips.

the winter is a poet. more prolific than any man or woman. a millenia of verses. each one eclipsing the next.

i don't know what love is. i've only used words to imagine it.

i've glimpsed its colors. i've even heard its voice.

it's random. it's dots on dice.

it's the collateral of a sin. it's the debt are all born with.

it's the sweet of a bridge. the sour of distance.

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