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Distance Over Time
Saturday 1/17/2015 11:37:00 PM

they were everywhere and nowhere. they came. were taken. they never left. small faces and large ones. fragile like balloons. alone among each other.

the sleeping rabbit warned them. the punishment for rebellion. the stick. the fallen ears. eternity clamping shut.

strangers came and went. frankensteins and draculas. feasting on their innards. leaving behind the empty skins.

they'd run. they'd try to sometimes. some would almost escape.

the sleeping rabbit punished them. blunt discipline in a thunder of fists. dead faces limp on the stick. the rabbit. its fallen ears teasing the shadows from the corners of their dungeon.

they'd let them. they had to. until they were gone. lost inside themselves. plastic dolls still sick with blood and guts.

they'd run. they'd try to get away. but the sleeping rabbit always found them.


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