Wednesday 11/05/2014 11:21:00 PM

the cold comes suddenly. it always does. our world cuts and bends at every vertex. a paper playground. resisting the fold.

the steps take her. more than she takes them. soft scales bluff the weight. as we attempt to measure an impossible difference. contingencies of skin. the speed overwhelms. the height sickens. nervous hounds chew on the edge. the hunt is over. yet the the hunger persists.

the presumptuous where. the stubborn how. impotent magicians roiling in their illusion of progess.

the thirst confronts. she's gone too far she's certain.  the distance all static and urine. the hysterical numbers. the sober fractions. an indictment of choices. a conviction of skin.

the seldom monsters that slip into these empty clothes. loose knots negotiate the disease. soft scabs give up the infection.

impatient skeletons continue to peddle their impotent vaccines.

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