Friday 1/17/2014 12:18:00 AM

her angles are soft. her greys consume. touch has its secrets. distance cannot keep us apart. a loose overcoat in a fickle storm. sometimes it just rains. more often it pours.

the traffic thickens. the journey stalls. a bruise of colors. a scream of skin. hungry fingers cuts the darkness. still it bleeds only empty promises.

open windows to the winter. embracing the cold with a stubborn kiss. all her flowers. broken stems and fallen petals. all her hopes sweet with surrender.

the ample purgatory of intimacy and distance. scrapes heaven's perimeter. but rarely finds its way in.

nesting dolls. time's nervous acumen. the accounting. in sweat and drugs. the business of flesh. deftly brokering its profits. and its loses.

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