Thursday 12/12/2013 12:26:00 AM

sharp corners forged in the remnants of when. the memories are stale bread. but hunger doesn't care. time speaks in angles and walks in circles. the wisdom of strangers is that no one really is.

we are always lost. only sometimes for so long in the same place that we start to forget.

a dwindling warmth succumbs to the winter. a fickle sun negotiates the darkness. each of us merely creases upon the faces of our demons. faint echoes of their laughter and frail shadows of their tears.

there is light only in the contrast. that's life's sinister bargain. Be it random chance or the wisdom of the universe. the flowers still must die.

Even the cold comes with conditions. Even a shiver is a hope.

Maybe the map is drawn in moments just like this one. Perhaps the victory is just taking those first steps.

We are all alone. Lost inside each other. A labyrinth of people. Chasing dwindling ghosts. All the gods. All the demons. All the drugs. Making paradise from nothing.

the fractured math of broken skin. the simple division of the scars that are left. there is no more blood, but those wounds still listen.

she cups the future in her hands. a mercury blob of catalysts. she watches it run. no edges. no center. just the chaotic path of things that don't know. never can. the agony of the beginning nor the ecstacy of the end.

the brief timeline. the splint on the heart of the child crippled. she was ready, but she never was. it came suddenly. in rich colors and slow bullets. she admitted she was not prepared. and left them to their rusted nails.

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