Monday 12/09/2013 12:59:00 AM

hollow particles scrape the thin film. between this universe and the next. the science of strangers speculates on the quality of touch. in all its succulent  variations.

a spectacle of angles. a conundrum of light. refraction telling our stories in its own way.

the soft bear sits on the edge of his tender bed. imagining who's slept there while he was away. perhaps she was beautiful. Or maybe she was ugly. No matter. Either way, the wrinkles left are the same.

the connections spoil. like fruit left out in the sun. the memories turn rancid. but hunger supersedes.

she walks in the rain. gravity not withstanding. the falling has its purpose. a brutal lesson in absence.

the process is mostly skin. the science of want. like drowning kittens. and soiled condoms. a little bit of choice. a grieving autumn of questions. breathing the sharper edges of the darkness. confidently falling. as if no one is listening.

her moments. fists full of melting ice. her chances. creased paper too easily torn. random shapes. folding. scraping. overcome by their own metamorphosis. 

the places they go. the pale abyss. she usually calls home. the stringent methods. of future and past. like dripping wax. and thirsty flames. investigating quiet corridors. challenging the silence with more of the same.

life happens in shallow cuts.very little blood. more than enough pain.

the name of the ogre escapes her. the plot of the fairy tale resolves. to open bridges. and lost children. their breadcrumbs still sweet. their witches still heating their empty ovens.

slender needles. the weak hum of gravity. tears the seam. approaches the decent with an ugly accuracy.

the flavor of surrender sweetly blossoming. 

the yawning world. replete with windows and doors. looks in on us. the loud student. the quiet teacher. familiar lessons with strange new faces.

scratches in the glass hum. knots in the beast sing.

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