Sunday 11/24/2013 01:24:00 AM

the bridges twist and you're different all at once. no cigarette between time's lips slowing burning as it should. sometimes evolution is abrupt. that lonely safety pin that held reality together finally came undone.

just the smallest pieces. the kind we can hardly perceive. those are the shape and the form of everything. it's not a puzzle to be solved. like rain, it just falls on us.

the future came and went and i hardly knew. a long sigh of years snuck its way under our skin. and by then it was too late. those soft corners had already formed. those tender walls had spent all their shadows. the only thing left to do was surrender. to the theorems of Pythagoras. and the empty angles he'd have us measure.

time's foul merchants. bluster and breeze. awkward witnesses to the ugly epiphany of choices.

a labor of words pretends to know.the cost of gravity. the fealty of darkness. a suspicion of skin betrays them all.

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