Monday 11/25/2013 12:50:00 AM

slivers of when. gravity coughs. sickening every footstep. she pauses. the future on her tongue. feral and eager. a trembling ladder under the window of discontent.

broken paces. staggered tremors. chase the edges of a sinking portrait. the taper of how. soft candles pledged to the darkness. the shallow of if. all the stories in her flesh. beckoning. to be read. a pandemonium of dull needles and tangled threads. contstruct each moment.

as if  the universe is empty. of everthing except us.

the quantum particles. the filaments of movement. all of it a show. to arrange this connection.

the sober corners. slip away. heavy buckets spill over.time's jaws chew, but fail to digest.  dull razors befriend naked wrists. in a series of surrenders. more the holes in them forgotten.

another world. a different lock. but the key still fits.

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