Monday 10/07/2013 01:05:00 AM

the whispering words kick and stumble. their stingers stuck under the skin. venom spent.

the skewed temples resonate. the dance of insatiable molecules. and hungry atoms. her lips. an anxious geometry of places. curdling sighs and rotting kisses. a soft painting still wet with the colors of a careless promise.

she chases time. her soiled eraser determined. she faces the engine. the wheezing turbines of touch and connection that  pry these edges from the fists of gravity.

falling comes naturally.

the hours owed. the distance possessed. the soft scabs that negotiate the perimeter. the endless war the mirror wages. the quiet ends we come to accept.

love's weighted lavender. despair's flawless red.

all these colors louder than ever.

we get lost in these easy wars. of bone and flesh. the end always close behind.

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