Wednesday 10/09/2013 12:26:00 AM

the world ended years ago.

crippled ogres walk on the shoulder. as the trucks rumbled passed. corduroy fairy tales fuss with their zippers. as the moon bleeds low in the sky. just corners. nothing else. stark islands in a concrete ocean. the simple drowning. the aggressive science. of wanting.

shallow cuts. deep needles. like any respectable drug.

the world ended, yet life went on. churning in this incredulous void. all the people empty skins. all the moments dissolving paper. stranded in an endless rain.

wrong turns. right ones. all the same. just places. to go. no destination.

creases in the wind. wager their treasons. casual monsters circle the throne. paper dolls steal our skeletons. bone pirates.

the world ends in fits crayon and strangles of disappointment. a suicide of parenthetical phrases. the empty choices that perpetuate life.

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