Friday 9/27/2013 12:45:00 AM

tame and bright like orphaned lovers and empty arms. atlas shrugs. this hollow world too heavy to bear.

over grey motion themed aparthy. in red tempered solitude. gone to exits unfetched. no blank anthem remembers us. the future vomits. perpetuity corrodes. rancid cakes and molded cookies. abundant with levers and switches. lacking touch.

raw meat. suffocating in its own fluids. messages in the flesh. sirens. sew their stitches in the broken creases. the folding shadows. like infected needles.

dying comes and goes. in thick whispers. and nimble diseases.

drowning. in the algebra of want. deeper than she imagined. learning. the arithmetic of touch. screaming. an urgent apathy.

nowhere has her alone. plain skin and missing patches. inked and designated nowhere again. forfeit lessons wait for release.

down last open goodbye. sunken mountains. find their core.  closer yet to burning faults. breathe. break spoken tears. swallow. chew. choke. on cold raw lies.

torn late the stone. all the weight of the journey. a hurricane of honied grief. and the sighs of the Earth. seldom caught by gentle tongue.

the moment. in unravelling seams. the choices in heavy boxes. lifetimes inside them. more copper than wishes.

quiet houses. stumbling men. curious children. boasting their backdoors to heaven. finding only exits. the flowing ink. rivers of when. the simple contract of touch. that inevitably defeats our ambitions.

outlines. in stark light. the tender breath of contrition. broken yolks. with blood in the middle. the simple room. the lingering lost. time chews, but never swallows. the rancid  meat. ultimately glorifies starvation.

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