Sunday 9/29/2013 12:48:00 AM

we're only real when we want. and i don't want anymore. the condundrum remains. lifetimes after it began. we can't be found unless we're lost.

severed scripts write the future. from high ledges secure in the folds of when we were whole. thin wrinkles in history that threaten to forget. the clowns with smiles drawn too close to the edge.

no numbers. we dare not count. how long. or far.

the atom sighs. adrift in the vast science of faces. that tends to become us. given the freedom to mourn.

rotting fences. and running chalk.  so much rain makes us question the truth of the sun. worn masks. wear our faces. as we pretend to touch.

we thought there were rules. but then they left us. and all we had were choices.

all of them wrong.

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