Sunday 9/01/2013 12:06:00 AM

dense partitions between then and now. long wormholes boast their knots. the lesser gravity. of thinning hope. shivers and expands. the hunger of descent blossoming.

solvent stares steal the dark away from itself. in gropes and gasps. sharp cloaks diminish the man. in favor of a thicker ghost. 

borrowed sympathies resign the kingdom. pencil mazes forfeit their walls. the only truth is in the skin. the only lies lurk below it. amateur gods weighing their thrones.

the grey glass. the delicate walls the whisper within. the soft murder that is how. the infinite suicide that is if.

the open door. the churning fog in every breath. growing. the dense yawn of why. that swallows.

the obvious wars of mice and men. the unfortunate soldiers condemned to save us.

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