Saturday 8/24/2013 11:57:00 PM

the forest breathes. a choking breath full of empty gods and trembling isolation. a feverish ladder of  of skin. offers her passage. a blunt fairy tale pursues.

the broken path. triangles stabbing the squares.

the crash of numbers. the stab of distance. divided by the tepid knives of arrogant circumstance. locks on the fence. wishes discarded with the key. the burden of hope swelling.

the longer strands. the hunters bathing in their bullets. the folds in the glass becoming more apparent. as i wrestle with the opportunity to see. small demons flaunting their big fangs. as if evil were real.

Tilting mountains. Sagging clouds. The surreptitious weather of living.

The deeper footprints. The thinner path. The fierce pandemonium of being. Wastes each shadow  searching for a reason.

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