Monday 8/26/2013 01:07:00 AM

swollen storms find her veins. pale breadcrumbs whsiper the path. of seldom soldiers and humble villains. the drizzle echoes. a curious song against the dead concrete. the snow falls. the icicles drip. like hungry dogs. bartering for their fangs.

naming the ghosts. as seems obvious to do. the hierarchy of skin not withstanding. soft monsters within erupt. crooked ladders chasing empty attics.

imaging the world in rotten fruit skins and stale bread. the hunger louder still.

life turns softly. on the needle's point. an epiphany of monsters more crayon than pencil.

the sweet misery of when. a fickle gravity pulling fast. in useless stabs of broken glass. time unfolds. like splinters deeply embedded. a circus of strangers. tarnished by circumstance.

the simple cancer of want. contaminating every atom. the awful cure that is forgetting. yawning wide. to swallow every chance.

the darkness solves for us. the rain manipulates the weather. the end debates her. in knotted threads and hurried whispers.

no one's there. everyone is.

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